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ACMS, Dual-Function System Makes Pharma Debut


ACMS 8 Channel Model

MISTRAS is currently installing its new on-line monitoring system, Asset Condition Monitoring System (ACMS), on three air handlers for a multinational biotech company. The ACMS is a 24/7 real-time monitoring system capable of measuring both Vibration and AE. In addition, it measures parametric data that can be cross-referenced with Vibration and AE data.

Since ACMS can measure both Vibration and AE, it will help revolutionize the analysis of rolling element bearings and gearboxes. For that two-layered monitoring, MISTRAS created a new sensor with the frequency-response range to measure both Vibration and AE signals – the Dual Function Sensor DFS6000. ACMS has an eight-channel card, expandable to 32 channels eventually. This system also has web-based software that allows clients to combine multiple customer sites. A detailed FFT and Time Wave Form analysis is also available along with multiple trending parameters.



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