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Research Contracts & Applications – R&D of New NDT Technologies & Applications

Driven by the need to support corporate services and customer requirements in engineering and applications, Physical Acoustics’ Research, Contracts & Application (RC&A) group was formed in 1992. RC&A employs a talented group of experts in the field of NDT technology, whose accomplishments in have led to many innovations in the field of Acoustic Emission.

To help with technology transfer, the RC&A group is capable of performing basic contract research and engineering applications. This group also coordinates all Physical Acoustics research worldwide, and works with universities and industries on various contracts.

Over the years, RC&A has been continuously improving its core technologies as part of an effort to offer the best field solutions to customers. This effort includes a wide variety of industries, from food, to aerospace and defense, to biomedics.

Previous RC&A Projects

Laboratory AE Testing on Composite Samples

Structural Health Monitoring on Bridges

Crack Detection in Rotating Machinery using Acoustic Emission

Laboratory AE Testing
on Materials

On-Line Monitoring

Laboratory AE Testing
on Materials

Bridge AE Testing



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