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Physical Acoustics is an American manufacturer. We have all the personnel & tools necessary to fabricate every product we design, in a high quality, high technology environment. We are fully capable of manufacturing any of our products within our expansive manufacturing facilities.

Physical Acoustics develops, manufactures and markets a range of Acoustic Emission (AE) Instrumentation and Sensors. These products are fully developed by our Engineering and R&D organizations and manufactured in our fully, vertically integrated, manufacturing facility, here in the United States.

Our manufacturing facility has the full capability to fabricate, assemble, test and support all of our products for sale, in an ISO-9001 quality environment. We have been ISO-9001 qualified since 1996, before that we were fully MIL-STD-9858A; military certified. Our Manufacturing Operations consists of over 45 personnel and various manufacturing centers.

Machine Shop Facilities

Surface Mount


Assembly Center

Sensor Manufacturing


Our laboratory features a line of equipment inclusive to multiple large numerical control milling machines with CAD input capability, precision milling machines with digital controls, readout sensors, multiple lathes, drill presses, band saws, cutoff saws, sheet metal brakes, sheet metal punches, air compressors, pneumatic tools, a large paint booth, and a silk screening center. Quality is one of our cornerstones, which is one reason why we always maintain oversight of our product line throughout the manufacturing process.


Surface mount assembly is a crucial part of our manufacturing processes. Our surface mount designs enable high-speed, high-performance computerized data acquisition, signal processing, display, analysis, and more. We have heavily invested in our automated surface mount assembly machines, providing control, cost effectiveness, and quality. We have two high speed surface mount assembly machines, which run full time. Our boards are RoHS compliant, and manufactured with "no-lead" and hazard-free materials.


Quality is important to us. We employ full-time personnel whose only job is to inspect and assure quality at every point throughout the manufacturing process with every item we receive. Our in-process inspection team identifies the quality of components during and after the manufacturing process, prior to the final inspection before it reaches the customer. This process ensures that all order requirements are met. Every order is checked in its entirety, using our specialized tools, magnifying viewers and precision measuring methods.


Our Assembly center is fully operational and equipped with the necessary tools to accommodate our vast line of products. We have an experienced staff of assemblers who are capable of manufacturing and optimizing each system’s wiring, chassis, cable and board assembly, and enclosures. Our assemblers understand the complexities of system components, producing the best possible products to meet the customers’ requirements.


Our AE Sensor manufacturing facilities consist of full time sensor technicians, who assemble and test our AE sensors. We manufacture over 100 types of sensors, utilizing advanced tools including ultrasonic cleaners, a laser engraving machine, and sensor fixtures for precision assembly, which are desgined in-house. Calibration is carried out using our own calibration systems and software, using multiple techniques, including a NIST equivalent and Traceable velocity calibration standard per ASTM E-1106 and E-1781.


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