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MISTRAS Monitoring Suspension Cables on Major Ohio Bridge


MISTRAS Group, Inc. (NYSE: MG) has teamed with Arcadis Engineering, University of Toledo and the Ohio Department of Transportation (DOT) to monitor the main suspension cables of the Anthony Wayne Bridge.

Built in 1931, the bridge is Toledo’s only historic high level bridge and is a defining landmark for the city. The contract is part of an effort by the Ohio DOT to ensure the continued integrity and safety of the state’s bridges. The MISTRAS health monitoring system will enhance the ability of the team to evaluate the health of this structure and to pinpoint regions on the main cable that might then require further invasive investigation. Prior to an invasive investigation of the main cable, they will monitor it to locate and prioritize the ideal areas for their opening inspection.

The MISTRAS health monitoring system listens, using 32 acoustic emission sensors that are attached to the main suspension cables. The sensors detect and amplify signals from within the main cable, which are then processed automatically by two MISTRAS Sensor Highway II monitoring systems distributed along the bridge. 



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