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MISTRAS to Host AEWG Meeting


On May 22-23, 2012, MISTRAS Group, Inc. will host the 54th “Acoustic Emission Working Group” (AEWG-54) meeting at their corporate headquarters in Princeton Junction, NJ.

Formed in 1967, the AEWG has held 53 meetings in the last 43 years, with the first AEWG-1 meeting hosted in Alcoa, TN on November 2, 1967. This will be the third AEWG meeting to be hosted by MISTRAS (formerly Physical Acoustics) in Princeton Junction, with the first two hosted on June 15 - 17, 1999 and June 26 - 29, 1983.

The meeting brings together a group of AE researchers, practitioners and newcomers to share current work and experiences to help all learn more about the technology and AE applications through presentations and discussions, leading to the promotion and growth of the AE technology.

“We are looking forward to hosting the many AE professionals that will attend the 54th AEWG meeting,” said Mark Carlos, Group Executive Vice President of MISTRAS Products & Systems Division. “It is an honor to provide an opportunity for AE users, researchers, equipment and service suppliers, and interested parties to meet and present work in the field of AE at our corporate headquarters.”



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