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AMS™ for Early Tube Leak Detection


The Triple 5 AMS™ system for early tube leak detection has been used in conventional power boilers very successfully over the past 20 years. Non-invasive sensors, mounted on the boiler wall, listen for changes in the normal background noise of the boiler that indicates a tube leak.  Read our new Application Brief to learn how the same technology, and resulting benefits, is now being applied to HRSGs and Feedwater Heaters.

MISTRAS | Triple 5 Monitors Over 130 Boilers through Virtual AMS (VAMS)

A screenshot from VAMS Although Triple 5 has been monitoring boilers since 1988, Virtual Acoustic Monitoring System (VAMS) hastaken on-line monitoring to new heights. Where the surveillance team once had to wait for slow 56k modems or involved VPN connections, they now have the ability to point and click to select a boiler for tube leak detection. The internal success of [...]

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