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New Software Feature Provides Users Glimpse into Future


The trending feature in VPACwin software

The VPACwin™ software, part of the VPAC™ leak detection product line, has added a dynamic feature that will give users a visual representation of a valve’s performance future and potential costs.

Users will now be able to take a valve’s historical data (such as ASL and leak rate) and trend it over time in an easy-to-read graph, which will project future behavior and potential costs. There is also a user interface that allows manual entries to be made for measurements taken prior to owning a VPAC and VPACwin software. All data collected by the VPAC products loads and formats into user-friendly spreadsheets. Read More...

The VPAC Gets an Upgrade

For over 15 years, the VPAC™ has been the standard for through valve leak detection, with its ability to estimate the quantity of material leaking through the valve using the accompanying proprietary software. With new technology advancements in effect, MISTRAS has created the VPAC™II unit, a handheld digital AE leak detector with several improvements, and [...]

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