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PAC AE News - Portable AE System

Powerful, Convenient USB Acoustic Emission (AE) System


The USB AE Node is a full-featured, low-cost Acoustic Emission system that plugs conveniently into your PC or laptop. With all the features, capabilities, and performance of a larger standalone system, the USB AE Node also offers the maximum portability that comes with USB connectivity and power.  Read More...

Pocket CORPAC™: Portable Non-Intrusive Localized Corrosion Testing System

At less than a quarter of the size of its predecessor and with the latest user-guided software, the Pocket CORPAC™ detects localized corrosion without taking industrial structures out of service, before costly damage and its effects can be seen or felt. It increases operational safety with short, periodic, in-service monitoring, while simplifying asset maintenance on [...]

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